Simple Tips on the Day-to-Day of Caring for a Loved one With Alzheimer’s

All throughout the country, there are millions of men and women who are currently struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. There are also millions of men and women who are stepping up and acting as familial caregivers to those who are struggling with this illness. For many families, deciding to have a familial caregiver comes with a number of benefits. Seniors can stay in a familiar environment, get more personalized care, save money on care costs and be around loved ones as they deal with this condition.

While there are many benefits for seniors who receive in-home care from their loved ones, acting as a familial caregiver can be very stressful and overwhelming for the care provider. It can also be a very rewarding experience for those who take on this responsibility. While there are many different approaches, tactics and pieces of advice available on how to be a successful Alzheimer’s caregiver, for many care providers the key is getting through the day-to-day challenges.

With this in mind, here are a few pieces of advice on how to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of providing this type of intensive care. Being able to handle the daily challenges will only help make the big picture of caregiving easier for any familial care provider.

  • Make a schedule and stick to it. Set schedules can not only make day-to-day life easier for you as a caregiver but they are extremely helpful for those with Alzheimer’s as it can help prevent confusion. Routines are extremely helpful when it comes to care.
  • Give yourself time. When you are acting as a caregiver to someone with Alzheimer’s, you need to just expect that everything will take slightly longer than normal. Give yourself extra time to do everyday activities, so you and your loved one don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself. There are good days and bad days when it comes to Alzheimer’s disease, meaning there are going to be good days and bad days for caregivers. Give yourself some slack, no one is perfect.
  • Keep your loved one involved. It can be normal to want to jump in and do everything for your loved one when they need Alzheimer’s, but you need to keep them involved and let them do the things that they can safely do on their own. This will help keep them sharp and feeling like themselves.
  • Be prepared for every day to be different. There are little day-to-day tasks that you may find are easy one day and difficult the next. Alzheimer’s disease can cause seniors to change almost on a dime, meaning every day is going to be different. Be ready to handle this type of challenge so you don’t let it get you down.

These little daily tips may seem simple and straightforward, but they can make all of the difference in how you are able to tackle the large, yet rewarding responsibility of being a caregiver for your loved one.

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